About Me

Hello! I think of myself as a hard worker, self-motivated, and always curious with the world. I speak three languages (thanks to my parents), and grew up in East London, which I still visit often.

Background art, and world creation in general, is something that I have always been deeply interested in. To me there is no better feeling than immersing myself in a different world, or trying to depict the one we have in an interesting way. I think this comes from an early interest in books and stories, and have worked my own for as far as I can remember!

Other than work, I’m interested in history, philosophy, comedy, and weightlifting. I’m also very sociable, and always happy to share silly ideas over a few pints.

Specific Skills and Software Proficiency


  • Photoshop – (Painting, Drawing, Matte Painting). I have a very strong understanding of the pipeline and tools required to make 2D animation and illustration.
  • After Effects / Nuke – General understanding and experience in 3D compositing pipeline, with limited scope in animation.


  • Maya – Strong understanding of the 3D pipeline, especially asset and environment creation. I mostly do this for fun now to unwind after a day of working in 2D!
  • Zbrush, Substance, Mari, Xgen, Arnold, Vray – Fulfilling the asset and character creation pipeline from absolute start to rendered finish. I find this process very satisfying. Also have strong experience with anatomical figure sculpture in Zbrush.


Art Director (Early 2022 – Present)
Working across various media and projects, fitting style and subject matter to suit clients’ needs. As Art Director I am tasked with setting the look of a project, working on it throughout, and guiding the team that is required to undertake it. This involves very hands on pre-production and conceptual design, as well as deep technical production work throughout the entire pipeline. It also involves in-depth deck and presentation work which includes building the pitches and decks themselves, as well as presenting to clients throughout the process. Projects vary from graphic/motion design, to filmic animated shorts. Software includes Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema4D, Illustrator, Premiere, Maya, Blender.

Deadendia’ – Blinkink / MysteryQ / Netflix
Background Supervisor (Mid 2020 – Late 2021)
Initially starting as a Lead Background artist, I mostly created keyshots and location designs for the episodes, as well as senior backgrounds. I was then promoted to Background Supervisor to oversee the team and work with the schedule, feedback, assignments and prepwork. I really enjoy working in a team and encouraging them to grow and explore, as well as ensuring they have plenty of work prepared and an efficient, understandable workflow.

‘Love Monster’ – Karrot Animation
Art Director (Early 2020 – Mid 2020)
Returning to Love Monster to work as the Art Director, setting the look, creating colour scripts, and developing the visuals of the show alongside the Director. Also involved setting work, setting retakes, and delivering briefs and debriefs. We worked with a client company in China to deliver the backgrounds.

‘Elliott From Earth’ – Cartoon Network Europe
Key Background Artist (Mid 2019 – Early 2020)
Working directly with the Art Director and Directors to develop the look and style of the show, and creating keyshots and colour scripts to be followed by the client studio, Miyu Productions.

‘Love Monster’ / Development – Karrot Animation
Background Artist and Development Work (Early 2019 – Mid 2019)
Working on a vibrant flat style 2D animation for Cbeebies, closely working with the Art Director and Director. Following this I worked on various pitches and development work, working directly with directors and clients.

Amazing World of Gumball’ – Cartoon Network Europe
Junior – Senior Background Artist (2016 – Late 2018)
Starting as a Junior on Season 5, I left Season 6 as a Senior. This is thanks to the lovely team and amazing guidance from extremely talented artists. The job was mostly matte painting with 3D set creation, so a great mix of both mediums.

Bournemouth University – Computer Animation Arts BA
First Class Honours (2013 – 2016)
Thoroughly enjoyed my time studying computer animation at Bournemouth (not AUB!) where there was a clear focus on 3D VFX and animation. I’m grateful for this experience as it helped inform my approach to 2D in a methodical and technical way.

This does not include various freelance and smaller projects undertaken in between those listed above.