Below are some write-ups and post-mortems of some university projects I enjoyed working on during my time at Bournemouth University in 2013-2016. While now slightly dated, I still have a lot of pride in the work I did and so have retained them on this site for posterity. Hope you enjoy!

‘Smokes’ Concept Art

‘Smokes’ is a short student film me and four other students at the NCCA made for our group project assignment. I was director and led the project from start to finish. Apart from directing, I had many roles throughout the production of the film, including concept art, modelling, sculpting, animating, texturing, lighting, rendering, editing, andContinue reading “‘Smokes’ Concept Art”

Still Life Compositing

As part of a university assignment, I created this piece. The exercise was in lighting, rendering, and compositing. Prior to this, I had barely any experience in compositing and rendering, so I found it a very educational experience. It was created in Maya, using Vray 2.0, and then comped in Nuke. The assignment was toContinue reading “Still Life Compositing”

Gerald the Clean Ogre

As part of my specialist project at university, I decided to do a full body character sculpt. This involved character design, modelling, and sculpting. The aim was to create a character that was fun to make and look at. I didn’t want to make the generic muscly warrior, and instead try something different. For inspirationContinue reading “Gerald the Clean Ogre”


Renders:   This project started as a way for me to cement my knowledge of anatomy from months of study in the area. To reinforce this, I decided to not use reference and rely on my knowledge of the human form to carry me through. This sculpt was initially finished around April 2015 but theContinue reading “Sisyphus”

‘Flower Story’ Concept Art

Flower Story As director of my final major project at university, I’m responsible for bringing  my vision to life. I feel like that means I should do the pre-production, as I feel that only  I can really show to my team what’s in my head. So here are some early to mid level pieces ofContinue reading “‘Flower Story’ Concept Art”

‘Mystery Engine Rooms’ – Environment Art Project

  For my Innovations Assignment at University, I chose to work on a game project. This would be my first time using Unreal Engine, or any game engine, so I had to learn the software and its capabilities from scratch. The scene is done from a top-down POV, which is intentional as I wanted toContinue reading “‘Mystery Engine Rooms’ – Environment Art Project”

‘Flower Story Production Breakdown’

Over the past 8 months, me and two other talented individuals have been working on a two and a half minute student animation called ‘Flower Story‘. The story centres around two plants in a sprawling garden as they grow to know eachother. The finishing touches are still being added to the final animation, but untilContinue reading “‘Flower Story Production Breakdown’”

Adrian Cathie Portfolio 2021

Thank you for taking an interest in my work! I hope you enjoy what you see, contact details are at the bottom of the page Backgrounds and Exploration for an unreleased Pitch project – 2018 Various Painting Studies – 2018 – 2021 A selection of Key backgrounds created for Cartoon Network’s ‘Elliott From Earth’ –Continue reading “Adrian Cathie Portfolio 2021”

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